Business Solidarity in times of COVID-19

In these times where our lives have drastically changed, seeing the initiatives taken by some companies or people for the common good motivates us to give our best.

Business Solidarity in times of COVID-19

I fervently believe that facts demonstrate more than a thousand words who you are and what you are made of. In these times where our lives have drastically changed, seeing the initiatives taken by some companies or people for the common good motivates us to give our best.

One company that has caught my attention personally is a company that specializes in low-cost security products called Wyze. I had the opportunity to know this company a few years ago when looking for security cameras for my home. In the search, I acquired the company's flagship product known as WyzeCam. After a few months using the solution, I couldn't help but be amazed at the simplicity and quality of a product that costs $ 20 in a market where quality is related to price. At that time I can say that I met Wyze, not the product, but the company. Noticing and being aware of the value received, I couldn't help but investigate and meet the team behind this great solution.

As an entrepreneur, this company has served as motivation, and knowing it through its product has been the greatest revelation of how we should work when creating a solution, product or service. WyzeCam brought me not only to know the company that created them but also to the people responsible for the product, to the point of feeling that I am part of it without having ever traveled to Seattle in my entire life. Wyze has undoubtedly strived to make its customers feel part of the company itself. Knowing the efforts of its CEO and each of his collaborators shows the character and commitment they have placed in their products, and without a doubt, this has borne fruit.

In these moments in which this global pandemic is completely altering our lives, Wyze shows himself again by setting an example of unity and solidarity through business initiatives. Among the initiatives taken, they have managed to facilitate the acquisition of digital thermometers through their suppliers at a time when panic generates shortages. Another adapted initiative has been the provision of your online continuous recording subscription for free throughout the month of April. But without a doubt, the most impressive movement from my point of view has been to provide all its users with firmware that allows turning WyzeCams into WebCams at a time when technology has become one of the most indispensable resources for remote work and remote communication.

And it is that this last provision is a wake-up call to large corporations. This small company shows that the value of knowledge through revolutionary decisions. In a $ 5.18 trillion market [1], where average WebCams are above $ 90, providing a solution like this in a $ 20 product is undoubtedly one of the most heroic and revolutionary professional initiatives I have ever seen by a company.

Thanks to all the companies that, like Wyze, provide their knowledge and services for the common good and solidarity. I thank you all for making the world a better place.

In this article I mention the name Wyze a lot, if you don't know this company, I invite you to discover one of the most respectable ventures in my opinion in the United States:

Wyze, The Company.