Esta página corresponde al conjunto de herramientas que he ido descubriendo en internet durante mi búsqueda en soluciones a problemas o investigaciones.


  • ️LaraSail: LaraSail is a CLI tool for Laravel to help you Sail the Servers of the DigitalOcean.


  • ♳ No.js: Extremely lightweight javascript library that makes you do DOM manipulations without writing any javascript at all. All you'll need to add are html attributes instead and No.js does the magic for you.

Comment Systems

  • 🔮 utterances: Do you know about Disqus? If you need a comment system or solution, but you don't want to expend a penny, this is your final decision. Utterance uses GitHub repository issues to enable comments on your solution. Frontend? Jamstack? Anything! Just use this and forget about the comments.

Free Hosting

Si, gratis, yo mismo no lo creía, pero sí, aun quedan servicios gratuitos disponibles en el mundo. Ojo, no hablo de Static Sites, ya sabemos que Github y Netlify pueden proveer estas soluciones sin ningún costo.