Nice to meet you!

TL;DR I consider myself an avid and quick learner. I love to research new technologies and improve my previous knowledge, always trying to develop the best version of myself. I'm a perfectionist that understands the value of time and delivery.

Hi! I'm Ricardo Vargas, a software engineer establishes in the Dominican Republic. Starting my career in Software Development back in 2005, I discovered my passion for writing code after few years of working as a webmaster support agent. Back then, I had the opportunity to start my journey learning about the web basics from HTML and CSS until Programming Languages, Databases, and Servers.

Reviewing my journey, I had the opportunity to work on a software company, a government institution, on the top 1 tech university in the country, an e-commerce startup, and start my own software company. My main focus is building professional and interactive web solutions, paying attention to details, standards, and good practices.

I consider myself a perfectionist, but I learned from my past experiences in agile business that DELIVER is most important than perfection. Time is a precious asset and knows about its value is an experience itself.

Been working on Tech for all those years taught me the importance to always stay learning. Learn about new technologies requires fresh knowledge about: "How to learn".  That's a practice you only get learning. That’s why learning it's part of my daily job. I like to read about good practices like DRY, Clean Code, and Patterns, topics that I’m always digging in looking to improve, grow and deliver my best in every requirement.

In my free time, I'm a Linux enthusiast. I love the shell and I feel comfortable working on Linux environments. I use this knowledge to improve my workflow and simplify and automate deployments, on big teams, to improve the communication between infrastructure departments and software teams.

Here are a few technologies (and projects) I’ve been working with recently:

Please ask if you like to see more samples.